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About Naturist Hub

Naturist Hub is an online community for everyone who enjoys wholesome nude recreation to connect with other Naturists and explore clothing optional opportunities in a friendly and welcoming environment and is Free to Join!

Why Naturist Hub?

The large social media platforms are entirely geared toward making lots of money. They categorize nudity as porn. They either ban all forms of unclothed humans or allow sexualized nude content and group Naturists into those buckets.

However, we believe non-sexual nudity, clothing free living and nude recreation (Naturism) are wholesome and healthy and deserves its own category. With this in mind, the vision of Naturist Hub founders George, Linda, and Nick & Lins is to provide a welcoming social community dedicated to Genuine Naturists.

Naturist Hub is a friendly place for nudists to connect and be part of the greater Naturist Community. We invite all who enjoy the freedom of being nude amongst other humans in social settings, who come in all ages, sizes, shapes, and shades of color, sexual orientation, religions, gender, and races.

Naturist Hub is an invite-only community. Take a look at the community description below and if you think you would like to be a part of Naturist Hub, please click Contact / Request Invite to request an invite.

What Makes Naturist Hub Different?

Naturist Hub is a social media platform dedicated to nude living and clothing free recreation where registered users can login and express their Naturism and post non-sexual content in a welcoming and friendly environment.

Naturist Hub is NOT is a dating or hook-up site. It is also NOT a place for people to post sexually charged, exhibitionist or provocative content. There are other sites for that type of content and if that's what you prefer, we encourage you to seek them out.

What to Expect on Naturist Hub

To ensure we are all aligned with what to expect on Naturist Hub, we would like to walk you through some key points that make Naturist Hub a unique and comfortable hangout for Naturists.
  • Nudity - You will be exposed to wholesome, non-sexual nudity on the platform.
  • People - You will be part of a community where people freely express their Naturism in the Main Activity Feed, Posting Blog Articles, Creating Photo Albums, Polls and be able to see the stuff your Friends Liked.
  • Connecting - You will be amongst fellow Naturists and will have the opportunity to connect via Friendships, joining Groups and creating Naturist MeetUps.
  • No Porn - We do not allow any form of sexualized content. => That is not what we are about.
  • No Provocative Content - We ask Members to refrain from posting exhibitionist content with sexual innuendo or making titillating posts.
  • Posting Pictures - While we allow nudity, it is limited to non-sexual Naturist style images.
      For Example:
      – People living clothes-free in the home, their backyards and secluded spots in nature.
      – Visiting Naturist Resorts and Nude Beaches.
      – We delete users who post images showing any sexual arousal.
      – We do not allow photos with your "legs spread for the camera" or photos where the central focus is your genitals.
      – We do not allow "headless-nudes" where the photo is cropped at your neck or torso.
  • No Hate | No Politics - Naturist Hub does not allow Hate or Politics. There are other platforms for those types of topics. We do not allow posts containing language that is abusive, excessively aggressive, off-topic, foul in nature, or includes any personal attacks.
We encourage you to review our User Guide and Terms of Use for more comprehensive information.

Personalize Your Experience on Naturist Hub

  • Customize your personal profile page by posting your own full-width banner image.
  • Join Special Interest Groups on Naturist Hub. For example Naturist Hikers or Sailors or a group for members of your favorite Naturist Club.
  • Follow other members and "Like" their posts.
  • Stay up to date with what's happening in the Naturist Community with the latest articles.
  • Members can create Naturist Meet-Ups including your Zoom or other online Meeting Link.
  • Naturist Resorts & Marketers are encouraged to post their Events! - Naturist Hub Members can Register as Attendees.

ATTN: New Members => Introduce Yourself

We encourage all new members to make your first post a brief introduction. Maybe a sentence or two, perhaps a paragraph; it's your choice. It will familiarize you with the posting options and introduce you to the Community.

Invite Your Friends!

We encourage you to invite your friends to Naturist Hub. Once you sign-up for Naturist Hub you will find a link to Invite Your Friends in the top navigation and also in the left column of your personal page.

We are Naturist Business Friendly!

Naturist Resorts and Businesses are encouraged to join. Post your merchandise in our Naturist Marketplace where your target audience will see your offerings. Travel Companies are welcome to post trips in the Travel Listings section.

It is our feeling that the missing element in bringing Naturism from the fringe, to a niche of the mainstream is a robust naturist business community. As such, we welcome Naturist Resorts, Nudist Businesses, Naturist Bloggers and Nude Event Marketers to participate!

We encourage you to be active on the site, post often and post freely!

Enjoy the Journey!
Naturist Hub

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